A Mirror Poem

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

Eyes closed, heartbeats
Near the fire that surely treats
Whimsical notions, and
Fancifully potions of accord, in

A life full of discord, and afforded
Bounty everywhere

As you stare in wonder
And rapt attention
To ponder such reflection

In the mirror of protection
With which each generation
Does pass down

As they stare into a magical station
With a passion to free nations of
Years of strife and uncommon blight

Yet, remember friends that inside
The strife and blight
There is also light, which
Doeth provide equanimity to all humanity

And, though thinketh you are alone
That mirrors the reflection of such possessions
Surrounds another generation, of those
That live and love

Walking hand in hand toward
The blight and strife
Wavering not at all, for they
Are filled with light

And know they are right, and
Will be alright

Justice, they demand
And heel should they
For in healing, not dismay
Is where the light shineth greates

And shall protect us one and all
From the mirrored separation that seems so real
Yet is only another movie reel

Of a life that was lived and beloved for real.

Have a splendid weekend, everyone.

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