An Insight Poem

Photo by Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash

Insight is such a delight,
A fancy quite bright, which lives
Beyond the pale moonlight

Of your hearts desire,
A mystery
Hidden deep inside
Of a lifetime broadly acquired, and
Lived to its fullest as time transpires

Without notice, so please
Pay attention, and
Remember to mention
The insight you are delivered, which

Promises to be quivered
Unsheathed, and ready to take

Upon this night of joyful, and
Ready delight, a birthright
For each of us, even when

We feel disconnected, and
Not protected, knowing
Is always there, so don’t despair
Because life is fair,

A beauty in no need of repair,
A tranquil pair,
In love with all that’s there, so

Sit quietly and take measure
Of your hearts deepest pleasure

The insight will hum,
A breath whispered, of times yet to come

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

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