Cheryl Holt @ Pixabay

They walk hand-
In-hand, a dance
Till the end

Just starting out, and, yes,
They’ll figure it out

One step at a time
Through the daytime
Until it’s finally bedtime

Day after day
Friends forever
They’ll say

And, yes,

As they age
Life will pull them apart
Yet they’ll always have each other
When they finally depart

This plane

They’ll have shared
A life full of love
For the very first time

When they were little
During that first summertime

Walking hand-in-hand
Through the field
Flowers blooming all around

Their souls intertwined, and
Together bound
Just like when they were little

Walking hand-in-hand
When their love was first found

In response to WDYS #58 from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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Photo by Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis on Unsplash

I feel lost, and
Yet am found
A precariousness

Which is truly unbound

Around a realm of second glances
Taken aback at times
In search of second chances

Broken I sometimes feel
While I real
And deal

In the illusion

Which in time
Slips away once again
Just like a second friend


Even when I’d rather cry
For the losses
In this life

And, my friend,
When crying is all there is
Release it for it is a gift
Maybe unknown to you at this time

Yet you’ll learn as you practice
As many years as there were before
Raining down

And pouring from my soul

A release is on its way
Along with a new found
Sunny and very bright day, so

Hang in there
With all you’ve got
Feeling alone
And yet know you are not

For alone no one ever is
That’s the beauty of a life
Which is full of bliss

Even when unable to notice
Keep heart and know that
It’s you that has been chosen

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Photo by KS KYUNG on Unsplash

Sometimes seen
As weakness
Within a darkness unknown

And even unfound
Bound by trepidation of
A bygone time

Fear withholds us
And casts a spell
That we must dispel

By digging deep inside
A new ability
Takes birth, a renewal
Of a very fine jewel

Misplaced for a time
Yet found again upon the vine
Of life

A treasure
Without common measure
A pleasure
In every kind of weather

As we access this flower
We step into a new found power, and
As we practice being vulnerable

We become
Much more comfortable
With ourselves, and
Everyone around, becoming unbound

Releasing a power for the ages
Which comes in stages, so

Breathe in deep and know
It is your war to wage
Upon the page

Inside an an epic novel for the ages
Which can be seen as strife, or
Possibilities rife
In this thing we call a vulnerable life

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The Storm Poem

Photo by David Moum on Unsplash

When it comes,
In the light of day,
At the dawn, or at night
When the light has given way
To the setting su


The stillness, that thrills us
And fills us with a wonder, and
A grace that is never asunder

Though, yes, we may blunder, and grope
For and find thunder,
That stillness is always within you,
Like a light that burns bright
On very cold and stormy nights

When you are filled with chaos
And are in need of a returning
To that steadfast place,
Which is also a yearning

Rebirth and renewal
Are always there for your learning

Like a jewel
That shines forth, and
Reflects back all that is best

Especially when you are pressed
Yet never regressed,
And for surely blessed, and yes

Maybe even stressed,
For you see,
We are like the storm
As we enact and perform
Our duty on this planet of great beauty

Yet know that storming and performing
Are only a part of the knowing
One piece, just like
That stillness deep inside, especially
When we abide by all that is kind

Be blessed upon the tests
That come, and
Sit still in the knowing
That all is One, and that
You are growing and glowing
Through the storm we may call knowing

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An Insight Poem

Photo by Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash

Insight is such a delight,
A fancy quite bright, which lives
Beyond the pale moonlight

Of your hearts desire,
A mystery
Hidden deep inside
Of a lifetime broadly acquired, and
Lived to its fullest as time transpires

Without notice, so please
Pay attention, and
Remember to mention
The insight you are delivered, which

Promises to be quivered
Unsheathed, and ready to take

Upon this night of joyful, and
Ready delight, a birthright
For each of us, even when

We feel disconnected, and
Not protected, knowing
Is always there, so don’t despair
Because life is fair,

A beauty in no need of repair,
A tranquil pair,
In love with all that’s there, so

Sit quietly and take measure
Of your hearts deepest pleasure

The insight will hum,
A breath whispered, of times yet to come

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

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A Courage Poem

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I sometimes feel,
Especially when distant
And there’s really no appeal

Yet, remember

Lives inside us all
Even when we are unsure
How to create access while enthralled

We must be, to ensure
A life long-lived with movement
And a sense of pleasure and ecstasy

We will face, as they
Are a part of the journey, and
Though it’s the other side we seek,
Alongside a sense of peace and release,


These things
You shall have, once
You’ve crossed over and
Learned the things to heed, so

Don’t plead, rather
Allow yourself to lead, and
Be gracious and kind to those in need

Even when
That someone in need
Lives in the mirror, a reflection
Of refracted light and memory

Be at peace
And continue along
This journey, seeking quiesce,
And a life full of everlasting mystery

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A Reflection Poem

Evan Clark@ Unsplash

Is that you I see,
Or is that me
Chasing after you
Along this life,
Yet You’ve always stayed

In place, a majestic space
Full of grace, and
A long lingering embrace

When confused, I look
And see
You reflected back at me

The love inside given,
Without a hand out
Always forgiven, and
Mutually driven

Toward tomorrow
With a sense of purpose
And always enveloped

In a love I see and feel
Deep down
At the core of Being

No mistakes or fleeing,
Always a returning, and
A knowing,
Even when times are tough
And slow-going

Always there in connection
As I stare outward
At that sparkling reflection

A mirror of my Soul,
Which doeth take part
And happily impart
Everlasting joy,

A true beauty to enjoy
Is this thing we call life

In response to WDYS #56 on Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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