The Storm Poem

Photo by David Moum on Unsplash

When it comes,
In the light of day,
At the dawn, or at night
When the light has given way
To the setting su


The stillness, that thrills us
And fills us with a wonder, and
A grace that is never asunder

Though, yes, we may blunder, and grope
For and find thunder,
That stillness is always within you,
Like a light that burns bright
On very cold and stormy nights

When you are filled with chaos
And are in need of a returning
To that steadfast place,
Which is also a yearning

Rebirth and renewal
Are always there for your learning

Like a jewel
That shines forth, and
Reflects back all that is best

Especially when you are pressed
Yet never regressed,
And for surely blessed, and yes

Maybe even stressed,
For you see,
We are like the storm
As we enact and perform
Our duty on this planet of great beauty

Yet know that storming and performing
Are only a part of the knowing
One piece, just like
That stillness deep inside, especially
When we abide by all that is kind

Be blessed upon the tests
That come, and
Sit still in the knowing
That all is One, and that
You are growing and glowing
Through the storm we may call knowing

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