Photo by Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis on Unsplash

I feel lost, and
Yet am found
A precariousness

Which is truly unbound

Around a realm of second glances
Taken aback at times
In search of second chances

Broken I sometimes feel
While I real
And deal

In the illusion

Which in time
Slips away once again
Just like a second friend


Even when I’d rather cry
For the losses
In this life

And, my friend,
When crying is all there is
Release it for it is a gift
Maybe unknown to you at this time

Yet you’ll learn as you practice
As many years as there were before
Raining down

And pouring from my soul

A release is on its way
Along with a new found
Sunny and very bright day, so

Hang in there
With all you’ve got
Feeling alone
And yet know you are not

For alone no one ever is
That’s the beauty of a life
Which is full of bliss

Even when unable to notice
Keep heart and know that
It’s you that has been chosen

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