A Courage Poem

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I sometimes feel,
Especially when distant
And there’s really no appeal

Yet, remember

Lives inside us all
Even when we are unsure
How to create access while enthralled

We must be, to ensure
A life long-lived with movement
And a sense of pleasure and ecstasy

We will face, as they
Are a part of the journey, and
Though it’s the other side we seek,
Alongside a sense of peace and release,


These things
You shall have, once
You’ve crossed over and
Learned the things to heed, so

Don’t plead, rather
Allow yourself to lead, and
Be gracious and kind to those in need

Even when
That someone in need
Lives in the mirror, a reflection
Of refracted light and memory

Be at peace
And continue along
This journey, seeking quiesce,
And a life full of everlasting mystery

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