A Reflection Poem

Evan Clark@ Unsplash

Is that you I see,
Or is that me
Chasing after you
Along this life,
Yet You’ve always stayed

In place, a majestic space
Full of grace, and
A long lingering embrace

When confused, I look
And see
You reflected back at me

The love inside given,
Without a hand out
Always forgiven, and
Mutually driven

Toward tomorrow
With a sense of purpose
And always enveloped

In a love I see and feel
Deep down
At the core of Being

No mistakes or fleeing,
Always a returning, and
A knowing,
Even when times are tough
And slow-going

Always there in connection
As I stare outward
At that sparkling reflection

A mirror of my Soul,
Which doeth take part
And happily impart
Everlasting joy,

A true beauty to enjoy
Is this thing we call life

In response to WDYS #56 on Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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