Photo by KS KYUNG on Unsplash

Sometimes seen
As weakness
Within a darkness unknown

And even unfound
Bound by trepidation of
A bygone time

Fear withholds us
And casts a spell
That we must dispel

By digging deep inside
A new ability
Takes birth, a renewal
Of a very fine jewel

Misplaced for a time
Yet found again upon the vine
Of life

A treasure
Without common measure
A pleasure
In every kind of weather

As we access this flower
We step into a new found power, and
As we practice being vulnerable

We become
Much more comfortable
With ourselves, and
Everyone around, becoming unbound

Releasing a power for the ages
Which comes in stages, so

Breathe in deep and know
It is your war to wage
Upon the page

Inside an an epic novel for the ages
Which can be seen as strife, or
Possibilities rife
In this thing we call a vulnerable life

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