Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Rainbow hues
Found in the dew of life
Whether there is strife
Or multiple aspects of splendor

Possibilities rife

Of our collective nobility
In all humility, and
Love for all that’s there
A very common affair

Majesty and bounty everywhere

Take in
All those colors you see
Even when your sight
Is hidden from thee

Know the moment lasts
But an instant, here
And gone, then
Born anew, which

We may call a new dawn

Of your story, which
May be hidden from view
Lost in the boulders of life

Know though that
What is lost is always found
Sometimes even upon the ground

As we take in the beauty all around

Breathe life in
A very respective detective
Taking time to pause
And collect the mysterious cause

Of your life
Found in every color
In every tree and flower

A power so immense
It always passes the test
And is never second best, so

Be with that which you know,
Feel, and see, always upon that tree
Of renewal
All the beautiful colors found anew

A beauty, my friend, are you

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.

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