A Resilience Poem

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

The human spirit, touched by light
Upon this very night
Wanders and wonders
With a delight suspended

By fraught of naught else
But doubt
Seeded deep within
They look up, and recognize
All there is too see

The tree, tall and majestic

Leaves shaken off
One at a time, dropping
And folding end over end

Presenting and standing
Like the thrill of
Memories gone by

Hopes and dreams dashed
And yet found again

Never wavering, a
Constant in sight and form
Replacing worry and concern
With a knowing

That contemplates, and reconciles
Worry with a need to curry favor
In a hurry, and be more
Determined to continue this journey

One more stretch, under the catch
Of the Earth’s most common branch

Holding and unfolding as planned, and
Being all they can,
As they continue to walk upon the surface
Of the Earth and look up

At that which never wavers,
And resound themselves to mirror
The resolve they see, and
Be more in line with

That tall and majestic tree

Have a wonderful evening, and Sunday, everyone.

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