A Creation Poem

Photo by Robert Koorenny on Unsplash

It’s in our hands,
Yours and mine,
A sublime undertaking
With so much potential for the making

In each moment exists
That true and powerful bliss
Let us not be remiss
About that which coexists

Like a tangle of weaves
Threadbare, and
A shouldered burden everywhere

A light that shines north
In its possibilities do come forth

A beautiful spectacle
With need of many respectful glances, and
Second chances made fair, with

All that is there for the taking,
Or rather, for the making

Creativity is our highest calling
People say, and yet we spend more time
Forestalling that which we know is our true nature
Which is also quite grand and sprawling

Believing instead in
Disconnection and separateness as truthful
When they are in fact quite deceitful

Listen my friends
To that which you know, and
Be bold, for it is not to dear to hold
Close to heart and use to make that grand start

For creation is there in every moment
Breathless and sweet as the afternoon breeze
A prize for our enjoyment

Use with care, and
Never be wary, nor tarry too long
Rather be daring, adventurous, and strong

And, in this moment?

Begin to create the life of your longing

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A Poem on Listening

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Whether it is quiet,
Or a part of a noisy riot,
There are times to pause, and
Reflect, upon that which is there

A single stare focused and present
Paying attention, and freed up to
Release our tension, built up over time

Which may not be a rhyme, yet is
For surely sublime, and
Part of the space-time


Part and parcel, then
To all that was before, a metaphor,
Yes, and
A signal of what’s in store

Which is often missed when distracted
And often retracted
From Self

Focus split over dimensions, so
Why not mention, divided attention
Is disconnection with the best of intentions

And not a problem, yet
Beware of the resistance
You may feel as the breeze blows,
Which is common prose for those that know

That resistance, and
Not persistence feeds the many
Lingering thoughts, which intrude
Without common interlude, and

Breech the listening device, so
Remember to be concise, focused,
And present in all that is pleasant,

As well as with all that is unpleasant

Both are important,
for growth depends on being engaged
With all aspects of our humanity,
Shared together not in vanity,
But, rather, for the sake of our collective sanity

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A Resilience Poem

Photo by Gigi on Unsplash

Standing tall
Before the fall of
The last call, when we’re
Not sure where to focus, and

It seems most prudent
To be rigid and fixed in place, yet
Unyielding and closed is really
More about saving face, remember

Inside of being rigid and fixed
Also lives the agility of flexibility,
With the ability to learn and grow more

For what’s in store you
May not know, so
Remain open to what’s at your door
A metaphor, yes

Of a life well-lived, alive
And loving of all that’s coming, and
A becoming of something more

For you are a light in the darkness,
In a world that’s full of both regardless, so

Choose wisely on the path, and
Stand tall in the aftermath
Where pain may act like a chain
Of a dance that’s past, and

Release yourself from that notion
As it is an unlikely potion
Beacusa on the other side of pain is motion, and

A joy so splendid
It need not be mended
Only tended and defended

Just like the light
You know is right on a dark night

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

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A Poem of Gratitude

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Stop to look around,
And you shall see, that
Which has always been,
Yet sometimes goes unseen

The Ocean with

Water so deep and blue,
Shimmering and sparkling
As tides rise and fall, and

We make do
With the faintest hint and hue
Of the mirrored sky
A delight at night, and
Refreshing and alight by day

The sun golden overhead,
As clouds dance in their stead
And make the mystery
Of our history
And time on this planet

Sometimes too much to manage, yet
We return to the ocean
With a spirit of renewal
Ripe for a return to the source
Of that all encompassing jewel

Which is majestic, and also
Quite prophetic and magnetic
, so

Take the time, dear friend
To breathe in
That salted air, which
Is also quite exalted, and

A blessing to us all
Who have halted to experience
And give our many thanks
To the life viens of this place

In response to Sunday Poser Prompt #1 on Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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A Resilience Poem

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

The human spirit, touched by light
Upon this very night
Wanders and wonders
With a delight suspended

By fraught of naught else
But doubt
Seeded deep within
They look up, and recognize
All there is too see

The tree, tall and majestic

Leaves shaken off
One at a time, dropping
And folding end over end

Presenting and standing
Like the thrill of
Memories gone by

Hopes and dreams dashed
And yet found again

Never wavering, a
Constant in sight and form
Replacing worry and concern
With a knowing

That contemplates, and reconciles
Worry with a need to curry favor
In a hurry, and be more
Determined to continue this journey

One more stretch, under the catch
Of the Earth’s most common branch

Holding and unfolding as planned, and
Being all they can,
As they continue to walk upon the surface
Of the Earth and look up

At that which never wavers,
And resound themselves to mirror
The resolve they see, and
Be more in line with

That tall and majestic tree

Have a wonderful evening, and Sunday, everyone.

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