A Resilience Poem

Photo by Gigi on Unsplash

Standing tall
Before the fall of
The last call, when we’re
Not sure where to focus, and

It seems most prudent
To be rigid and fixed in place, yet
Unyielding and closed is really
More about saving face, remember

Inside of being rigid and fixed
Also lives the agility of flexibility,
With the ability to learn and grow more

For what’s in store you
May not know, so
Remain open to what’s at your door
A metaphor, yes

Of a life well-lived, alive
And loving of all that’s coming, and
A becoming of something more

For you are a light in the darkness,
In a world that’s full of both regardless, so

Choose wisely on the path, and
Stand tall in the aftermath
Where pain may act like a chain
Of a dance that’s past, and

Release yourself from that notion
As it is an unlikely potion
Beacusa on the other side of pain is motion, and

A joy so splendid
It need not be mended
Only tended and defended

Just like the light
You know is right on a dark night

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

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