Photo by Miguel Ibáñez on Unsplash

Some call it a weakness,
A true message of bleakness
Or even a partial meekness

And, yet, what the some fail
To witness,
Is the strength of character
Built upon a true fitness

Of Mind

Balancing the worlds
With it’s naturally occurring
And prominent hallow

Born over time

Within each of us
Not covered up, rather
Brought to the light of
The senses, and, yes

There are consequences

Of a raw and pure beauty
Never flailing or failing
Only ever unveiling more gifts of awe

For it is these gifts of feeling, and
Seeing, always ever believing
In that which is there
A true revealing

Of a most precious healing
Which begins
With each of of us, and thus

A natural trust develops
From within you, me, and,
Well, everyone of us, which

Some may call compensative
Surely not pensative, and
Yet my friend,
I simply call it part of being, having,

And holding a life that is sensitive

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