Photo by Lital Levy on Unsplash

Back and forth,
And back again
Just like an old friend

Though I don’t partake
Today, my memories are
Filled with blissful days
Made in your tender embrace

When times were tough,
Or a wonder,
There was always
A reason to seek your shelter

Carefree, swinging
In the wind
Worries and fears
Absolutely disappear

Without a trace of
Their presence,
Only ever the wind
Guiding me back

Up again, higher and
Higher, a beauty is calling
Me back in repose, yet
I catch more speed

And, off to the other side
I do go

Racing up towards
The heavens, it’s as if
The sky was pulled down
Just for me, as I sit on your

Lap and feel such glee

Now back towards the
Middle, where it started
When we were kiddos,
And, just then, we get a push

From a friend
That’s not done watching,

And, ditto, for my friend, as
Their now joining in, and

Now we swing together,
Just the three of us, racing
Back and forth, again

And, again, there’s no time
So, let’s begin again

Time has no pulse
In this endeavor,
For it’s all about impulse

As we live our life
With not a care in the world
Only the three of us now,
You, I, and the swing

We now share

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