Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I look out
At the deep blue sky
And often wonder why

You confided in me
As you did,
When we were just

Getting to know each
and then, like

We emerged,
On the other side

Without a care,
or even a reason why,
or what

The trouble was

All about, as we tried
Hard to understand the
Turn about

Or, is it, turn of phrase?

Either way,
though unsure today,

I think we like to play

In the sandbox,
Like when we were little,
And all the pleasure
Was contained in that

Small space, where
Nothing is ever replaced,
Only gained

Like flying
through outer space
When I’m with you,

It’s like a running flame
Without a place,

Or name

And it’s really all just
about the same

As before,

Even when we look
For the reason it all happened,
We need not look far,
Or doubt the indecision,

For we’re exactly where
We’re supposed to be

And, yes life is fair,
And then not

And this, right here,
Is what we’ve got

For now,
Yet you know, we’ll return
With more of the essence

Of the reminiscence
Of times when
They were

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