Image credit; Lucas Albuquerque

You tower above us all,
Just looking up, I feel as
If I might fall.

Now back to the presents call,
Grounded in the known, and,
Yes, sometimes, unknown.

They are, of course,
Different sides of the same
Coin, joined together like all
Pairs of opposites, which, at times,
We imagine as disparate.

A common misnomer, like
Standing in your shadow,
Gazing up at the steel reinforcements,
Which make up your very tall tableau.

I move back to get a better glimpse,
Imagining times past, and all
The people who stood
Right on this spot
The very

Maneuver. It’s all quite a wondrous
Achievement, and I bet there’s
Been some bereavement,
As you miss the people
At your feet, gazing
Up, and feeling

By your beauty.

Continue to imagine,
As there will be
A day soon,
Though when is not
yet known,

When people will be back
Bustling up and down
You’re steel trellis;
And standing
Where i am

Gazing up in wonderment
At your towering
Presence, as they
Continue to imagine.

In response to the WDYS #69 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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