Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on Unsplash

Does language
ever really capture
the love we feel

Do stars
drop from the sky
and nestle us
with great surprise?

these questions,
I think about the boys,
grown up so much now;
it’s hard to believe
as I still see their shadow
in my rear view.

On different paths,
are they,
yet learning more,
they are,
about themselves,
and, yes,
everyone else

A miracle to behold,
is the gift
of being a father
to two young men
so bold.

They touch my heart
in so many ways,
at times,
it’s impossible to impart
the fullness
of this beautiful gift,
especially when we are apart.

Be that as it may,
for today, it’s enough
to know
that they live within,
and will stay there

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