Tender Loving Care

Wings take flight,
as I am reminded of my
first introduction to a kite.

The motion of the tether,
whipping this way and that,
it’s as if the kite had a mind of
its own, free from distraction,
and refraction.

The sun shining forth
in all its glory,
and the wind motioning
us forward towards
all that’s allegory.

As it rises in the deep
blue sky,
we wonder why our soul
lifts up so high, yet also sits
tight in the knowing, as there’s
no need to really try.

The kite,
now higher and higher,
lifted on the spirits
of human connection,
we reflect upon
the day’s excursion,
and the merriment
we feel
at the ease
and simplicity
of this day’s profusion.

Deep love
and satisfaction,
joy, and kindness,
all given forth
from a piece of twine
and threads woven
with tender loving care,
and devotion.

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