Blessings in the Sky: Diana and Jeff

The sky is full
of stars, and
as we gaze up,
and wonder why,
a pattern
of constellations emerge,
of all that we’ve purged.

The lost stories that
peek from behind
the moving clouds,
of love,
of life, and
treasured bruises that
paved our path.

A hope,
and knowing
from long ago,
just like the stars
we see,
timeless, and
beyond the dream,
so we continue
into the unforeseen.

I stroll the contours
of a hanging rainbow, letting the taste of beautiful
tragedies linger on my breath,
and icy winds cut through my weight
of woes.

I want to know now
what hope feels like,
and devour drops of peace,
because …. nothing lasts forever,
even the darkness, one day, will cease.

I am honored to present a first-time collaboration between Diana Menezes, of Be Inspired, and myself. Diana’s poetry blog was one of the first poetry blogs I began following last year. Diana’s blog is full of poems about life, love, hope, dreams, and so much more. If you’ve not yet checked out Diana’s blog, please do so, thank you!

Utmost Feelings – Just Released!

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Additionally, the coauthors of Astha’s Anthology, Utmost Feelings, are creating a space for people to send their sentiments to Astha’s family.

If you are interested, please add your sentiments to this form, thank you, and stay blessed.

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