Our Hearts Guide

Photo by jae bano on Unsplash

as the ground
beneath me, I’m
of the fissures
running along
the entirety of
my being.

cracks that,
at times,
become craters,
wide, with unknown
just like the earthly
realm we see, full
of paths on land,
and under the sea.

and craters
and leapt, over,
I’m now moving
beyond times measure.

unknown distance
from the center,
and yes,
hard to measure.

and clawing
our way into that
center, is
of utmost pleasure,

and pain, both.

what other way
would we have it?

inside the depths
of those fissures
lies the heart
of another life
lived, discarded,
and now, intentionally
picked back up for progression.

moving again,
in synchronicity,
as we glide,
we will abide,
and once again follow
our hearts guide.

Utmost Feelings – Coming Soon!

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