Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow, A Review by Terveen Gill

I am honored to share a surprise with you today, which is another early review of Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow, by Terveen Gill, of It Ain’t Right Until I Write.

I started following Terveen over a year ago, I think, and honestly, I cannot remember how I found Terveen’s blog, but, I’m sure glad I did. Terveen’s writing is intelligent, witty, dark, at times, and often downright funny. I love Terveen’s style of writing, and the short stories she crafts are some of the best I read on a weekly basis.

I was honored when Terveen accepted my invitation to conduct an early review of Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow, and am beyond humbled by the words Terveen uses to describe the book.

Here is an excerpt from Terveens’ review.

But for me the most moving sentiments in this book are LOVE and HURT that often flow in cyclic patterns. Every poem has a life lesson to convey to the reader. The familiarity of life’s ups and downs is the strong connection the poet makes with the reader, and it remains untarnished till the end.

Who hasn’t loved?

Who hasn’t been hurt?

Who hasn’t found the courage to do it all over again?

Honesty and passion are trademarks of Jeff’s writing. Every poem has a few lines that reach out and embrace the reader, leaving them humbled or in a state of contemplation, giving solace or demanding attention to unresolved thoughts and feelings.

I would like to thank Terveen from the bottom of my heart for crafting such a beautiful review of Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow. I am beyond honored.

I would be grateful if you would go here and read the rest of Terveen’s beautiful review. Thank you!

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