Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Fall when we are raw
And are confused as
The battle near draws

One at a time
Raining down, and
Sometimes, yes,
In frustration

Of a common

We all make
As we take stock
Of what’s come before, and

We learn
How to move
Our knowledge
To the fore

Of tomorrow’s new dawn

Recentering our focus
As we are drawn
To the power

In the Center

Of all that’s come
Before, and, yes for
All that’s in store

For you, me, and everyone
Else, so please

Be patient
With yourself,
And know that tears

Are part of everyone’s fears

Alone in your tears
You are not, rather,
Together, we are all

Very dear just as we appear

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A Silent Mystery Poem

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

Fears abound
As we progress, and
Distress over everything little thing

That transpires upon the wire
A balancing act, where we sway
With even the gentlest breeze,

Losing our balance
While gripping to our fear
Of what is seen through the valance

An illusion

Proven time and again, yet
We continue to buy-in,
To that which is seen and heard,


That very beautiful bird, a mystery
Deluge of the cloistered senses
Ever pleasant and on fire
For more presents,

Gifts from the unknown realms
Where safety reigns supreme,


That elm tree,
Solid and anchored deep
Even though the roots are hardly seen

Safe and strong,
Know that you always belong,
To that which is unseen, and is

Such a silent mystery, and
Also a part of our collective history, so

Remember, you are safe
As you look out through that valance
Don’t be deceived, rather be retrieved,
For it’s in your heart’s heart that you truly do believe

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

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