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Scintillating, as the
Sun rise, and the
Sparkle on a
Sea crested wave of bliss

Is keeping things
In perspective, a key
Inside all things, my friend, as is the
Inner-knowing, of the

Moonrise in the early dawn of
Morning, as the shadows play hide and seek
Magnificently with our genuine desire for
More games to begin, and yet

Playing games, and becoming
Perplexed, only causes more confusion, so
Please consider the simplest form of
Purchase between the two delivered to you, and

Love each for their unique gifts, as you
Languish in the sea salted air, and
Learn to tell the difference, a
Legendary affair of marked resistance and acceptance, is

Evolving, and
Energizing, our

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Some things
Of times gone by

As we try to keep up

With a never ending
Progression, and
A quite often felt

Of what we know
And want

Yet, we continue
The chase

Caught in a race
Well Before
Our space was made

In this, yes,
Very beautiful place

We prioritize the
Next thing,
Without, maybe

About the best thing

When the opportunity
Next arises,
Think twice, and
Maybe choose

A space
That reflects

A simpler life,
Which is always

Even when we
Resist, nay
In the chase

Allow yourself
The opportunity
To slow down,
And open up

To something
A little simpler

In response to WDYS#60 on Keep It Alive, by Sadje.

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