The Framed Window

Photo by Niloufar Nemati on Unsplash

It started out
In that one house
Looking out at history
In the making

Both you boys
Flitting, tossing, and
Turning about

Without a care in the world

As the train rolls by,
And the window shakes
Yet, there’s no distraction
In the moment, as I continue to stare

At your fervor
For love and comradery

Which is not a mystery
At all, only ever a deep, and
Profound sense of enjoyment
For this one moment

Watching you two play
And being chased
In tandem, and, yes

Always with great fandom

Throughout each, and
Every season
That changes, and

Now looking through the window
There’s only ever exchanges
Of a love so deep
It brings a tear

To my eye and I sometimes weep

With anticipation
Of the morrow, when
Once again, I’ll sit and watch
Two boys

Who will eventually become men

Through that beautifully
Framed window
In that one

Where my love once began

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