Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I think of you
And smile,
Even if it’s been a while

You’re always awaiting
My return, when lost
And even when I feel
A bit cursed

I don’t have memory
Of your not being there,
Even in the times of my
Greatest despair

A rock, solid and caring
Never taking, only ever
Holding my hand without
Any fanfare

Trust that is deep
As the ocean, and clear
As the sky, on a very bright
And oh so sunny daytime

Love so immense,
I’d never second-guess
What’s coming, especially
When I can feel your forthcoming

Return, as if you ever left

No, that’s my confusion
At best, and,

It’s okay
To sometimes be confused
And unsure,
It happens at times, my friend

In those times, remember
This truth, if I may be so bold,
And convey this last sentiment

Joy is always there,
A part of you and I
On it we can rely

Simply look within,
And remember the feeling
Of joy when often repeating

And bring forth that joy
Thereof, which is always
Within you, my love

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