Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

Comes and goes
A memory of a moment
When time stood still, and
Each step looked the same

As the one before,

Moving from the inside,
Guided by a light that burns
And never shies away

From the turmoil of this life

For, it’s inside the turmoil
Of life that coexists
A beauty
Beyond comprehension

In fact, language becomes
Hard to manage, yet it’s not
The description that matters

It’s the experience of life,
Each step, one and then the next,
Which catches our fancy,
Staying focused then

Is imperative, as is the connection
Within, which guides the way
As we continue to play
Each scene out

To the end, remembering
All the while, they
Are all connected, just as
We are protected

Even when fear arises

We must continue to
Play our tune, and have faith
In that impulsion, which we
All know, and

May call
Life’s flow

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