New Year

Photo by ERROR 420 📷 on Unsplash

2020 saw lots
Of havoc,

Who new,
At the start,
There be a pandemic

Of the scope
And scale, we’ve
Now seen,

Phew, don’t ever
Forget to breathe,

And, as we get ready
To turn the clock,
Let’s remember,

The New Year
Begins with a shock
To our senses, yet

It’s also chock full
Of potential,

Where we can create
All the meaning-

That, we’ve been
Lacking, in a year

Of solitude
And reclusion, no,
Not because anyone
Wanted to,

We stayed at home,
To bear the brunt
Of a virus
That was out

For blood,

And, thus, we
Learn to live,
And love again,

My friend, so

Take a moment
To reflect, on all
The loss and sorrow,

Yet, also contemplate,
The joy and hope
You borrowed from
Deep within,

And, carry that forward
To 2021, which
Is set to begin

And, as we move
Towards 12:00 am on
January 1st,

Let’s hold hands,
And pray for a planet
With people

That are not cursed, no,
Rather, they are

In a new, and
Resilient (re)birth

Happy New Year, everyone.

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