My One Thing: Baking?

An Evening of Baking on New Year’s Eve

Photo by lindsay Cotter on Unsplash

Alright, so the “official” first post in this new series is set to go out next Friday, yet, as I was writing that post, it occurred to me to write this one. What’s the one thing? Good question. Here’s a quick overview.

Basically, I read the book, The One Thing, last year, and then recently I was thinking about creating a series, where I could write about my one thing. Whether that be my one thing of the day, week, month, quarter, or, yes, even, year. So here we are. And today?

Today, or, rather, tonight, my one thing on this New Years Eve. Ready. Good. Here we go.


I’ve always enjoyed cooking. I started at a relatively early age, helping in the kitchen, and then cooking dishes for the family around 12 or 13. Growing up in Los Angeles, you get to experience a diversity of food that is, well, only really available in large metropolitan areas.

I am grateful for where I grew up for many reasons, and one of them is, yep, the food. Delicious.

I didn’t start baking until much later, yet, I do enjoy it so now. There is something about creating food from fresh ingredients that is deeply pleasurable. And, well, of course, getting to eat the end result, even more satisfying.

On tonight’s baking agenda? Vegan banana peanut butter bread. Now, I don’t eat too many carbs today, as they tend to like to stick around, if you know what I mean, yet, I will keep a small portion of the bread for me, freeze it, and eat it over time. Yummy.

Alright, so, here’s the recipe I used tonight, from the Lazy Cat Kitchen. I used all of the ingredients, including agave nectar and regular flour.

Here’s what that looked like.

Alright, as I await the bread to cool, a few insights about the recipe.

  1. Super easy to follow – again I only bake sporadically, maybe, once a month on average, so I am always wary of recipes where I’ll need to purchase a lot of additional ingredients. Not the case with this super easy recipe. I purchased the agave nectar, that was all.
  2. Alteration – I made one alteration, which was to not use water in the recipe, as I used a “traditional” peanut butter, which simply means it is a peanut butter that you must stir, so is less viscous than “normal” peanut butter.
  3. Toppings – I chose to forgo the toppings. Mostly this is due to caloric intake, and because I will slice the bread and freeze it, then thaw a piece or two when wanted.

And, how did it taste? Delicious!

A very simple recipe. When I next make the recipe I will use a little more peanut butter, as I think that would enhance the experience. However, it should be noted, I love peanut butter, so that’s part of it, for me anyway.

And that was my one thing last night. Wow, that was fun.

Though I’ve already written it, I’d like to do so again.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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