Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

We walk upon
Your flesh,
In so many different

Some dry,
Some damp, and yes,

As we tramp

From one place
To the next
We musn’t ever forget

Your Presence

Taking in new
Seeds, and giving
Birth to new deeds

Of all the fauna
And flora, and, oh,
What an aura

Of beauty,

I do see,
As I walk upon
Your shoulders

Bearing the brunt
Of all the worlds
And holders

Of humanity

Is it enough
What we’ve done
For Thee?

Ah, alas, I
Completely agree

There is so much
More we can do, to
Your living trust

Bears fruit

Under the sycamore,

I stand, relating
This experience
As a simple man

Knowing only so much
For in God, I do trust,
And do know this,

My friend,

We must take a hand
In ensuring
That Your land

Is always able
To continue to stand

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