Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash

I breathe in
And out,
What it’s all about

I consider all that
Was taught to me
In all that very stormy weather

Stick your chest out,
Head down, be brave,
Don’t let them see you pout,

Or cry as needed,
You’d be depleted, and
Called names, so

Suck it up,
Move forward, and
Don’t worry about the
Healing that’s needed,

Tape it up, and
Go again, keep the motion
That’s kept everything in commotion

Yes, it’s true, you’ve
Run right over one of the
Very best parts of you,

No, not on purpose,
You were so little, you
Knew not what you were doing

That well then quieted
For oh so many years,
While you continued to live
In your head, and, at times, yes,
Even felt quite dead

To the world, and all
Of it’s joy and beauty,
For in those days, your sight
Only encompassed

The harshness and the pity

Yet, a new day has dawned,
And little by little, that inner voice,
Has grown stronger, bolder, and, yes,

Even louder, and your vision
Has returned with a thunderous
Zeal, which often feels just like
When you were so very little,

A connection deep within,
Made concrete so long ago,
Then disappeared for decades
Of pain and suffering,

Only to show itself again,
In later life,

To once again guide you,
And provide you
With all the

That’s already inside you

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