Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Sometimes I sit and ponder the scene
Before me, wondering what inspiration will come
Forward. Will it be like a locomotive, quick like lightning,
Gripping my every sense in a dance of majestic bliss enlightening?

Or, will it be like a turtle, slow and methodical, always
Using the logic hidden beneath the scene of this dream?

I never know.

And, sometimes it’s just quiet. Stillness, no thought,
No feeling, just this. This moment, walking through
This world, not a wonder or care in sight. Journeying
Forth, proceeding toward the light, and, yes, at times,
receding in the night.

Yet, always moving.

A dance that’s meant to last for an instant,
especially when considered in relevance
to the length of time that’s hidden.

From view, form a view of all that you want,
And don’t pretend you’re not a savant. We all
Have hidden treasures deep inside. Waiting until
The time is just right to reveal themselves to the light.

Of your knowing, call forth all that’s glowing inside
Of you, my friend. For it is yours alone to take up
When ready. The treasure will wait until you
Call, yet don’t forget to make that last call before

The curtain falls.

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