Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

The piano plays, just like a display,
And, yes, sometimes, I do feel flayed,
And swayed by my emotional state.

Coming in waves at times, overwhelmed
And feeling lost in translation, or, rather,
Maybe it’s best in preparation for the next
Round, say, did you call?

Or, was that just a whisper of something
I thought I caught on a second chance,
No need for romance, it’s all as it should be
In this dance. We’ve moved on from the choreography,
And are now simply living in full blown practicality.

Just as it is. See. Simple. And, not. Oh, what
A paradox, and yet, it’s not even that, my friend. It’s simply
This, this moment here with you, typing what comes, and becoming
What’s, from the start, always been the end plot.

I could be remiss, second-guessing
all that I’ve missed, and guess what,
that’s also been done and sealed with a kiss.

Of love forevermore, for the losses and also
For the light that blossoms in my heart, as time
Passes, and aging happens.

Be still when you have a moment, reflect
And heal those wounds deep in your soul,
For the love you feel will bloom even more.

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