Image credit; Gabriella Clare Marino@ Unsplash

The table is set,
should I call the rest?

It’s that time again.

to come together, and talk
about the weather, nay
politics, isn’t it rich?

I reminisce.

Times at the table, the sun
shining outside, cascading inside
filtered light, a delight.

Grandparents in the kitchen,
one hovering over a pot,
beans of some kind,
a roast in the oven,
and kids running
back and forth,
such fun.

All didn’t fit at the tiny table,
9 kids in all, with another,
oh, 20 plus or so,
cousins, ourselves,
we did call.

Though we didn’t all fit at the tiny table,
a much larger one
could be found on the patio,
crafted and created by my dear grandfather,
so long ago.

like this are so rich and full of life,
it’s like I can taste the food,
and feel the conversation,
at times, yes, full of strife;
and, yet love was at the center,
through tons of stormy weather.

Connections like this are rare indeed.

My invitation?

and love those closest to you,
when you feel the need.

In response to the WDYS #78 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

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