Photo by Arun Clarke on Unsplash

Darkness envelops me
as I turn the corner,
and for one moment
there is a glimpse
of the mirror
refracting back light,
which startles me
with such delight.

I continue to

wander, and wonder
what it is we see
when we empty ourselves
of the trauma and pain
of a life spent yearning
and burning with such
it’s like someone else has given me
no restrictions.

As I pull away from the dream
I’m reminded of the pain,
and the knowing
that it’s okay to feel the burden,
which I spent a long time masking
with other versions

of a self made long, long, ago.

Another place and paradigm
fed and fueled me then.
Yet, it’s important to
look at the history,
while remembering that
all creation lives
in this stories
present mystery.

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