sit secure in your heart

along the cliff,
I feel somewhat adrift,
floating in a sea
of unknown possibility

I look
for guidance, and
notice the resistance
from within, yes kin,
and known well to me, my friend

also there
is the utmost care, and
feeling of creativity,
within my own reachability

I can feel it
through every
fiber of my being,
calling me forward,
as I continue to struggle
with the movement onward…

the mind dances, and creates
like a mirror on a lake,
images come into view,
and, we, at times,
take them at face value

yet, there’s another way

to determine
all that’s in store,
by continuing to
pull apart the minds
creations, as they dance
along, and soar,
so seemingly secure…

is at the center
of this understanding

remember, therefore,


as we watch
the mind create waves,
and they crash along our shore

to sit
secure in your heart,
and know,
that the center
is always there, now,
and forevermore

Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash

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