Midnight’s Dream

There was a time when sandalwood dawned the day, I remember the blood and sweat, and all the fallen decay.

The night was darker than anyone’s remembrance of our plight. It was as if the sea had crested over the town, leaving in its wake, no sound.

A tinkling in the air was all that was left.

A regard for fairy’s, we used to jest.

In between the tall trees, and the grassy leaves, we spent the summer in midnight’s dream; and, just when I thought darkness might envelop the entire world, a kiss from you sent me toward the light, unfurled.

Emerging from beyond the dream, did we; as stars rained down, and we caught love, watching it bourgeon like the sun.

Do you remember, hon?

It was our first starry night, two lovers underneath a canopy of brilliance, their life barely begun.

Photo by Prettysleepy, Pixabay

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