an ode to you, I do then write

I look into your eyes, and see
reflections of our shared history…

a puppy once, around the house you trounced,
with joyfulness in your heart, a beautiful dance,
as the birds swayed in the breeze, and looked on entranced…

as you grew taller, I followed your lead, and
led a life full of joy and pain, both, yet
either way, when I returned from the day

there you were, ready to play, no dismay, only
love in your heart center on full display…

an ode to you, on this day, I do then write
of your birth on this most beautiful night…

I sing a song to you of love, passion,
and, though we had our struggles,
in the end, our relationship was ultimately full
of the most blissful compassion…

In response to the WDYS#105 prompt, from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

Image credit; Charles Deluvio @ Unsplash

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Image credit; Rhaúl V. Alva @ Unsplash

There you are,
All decked out,
Ready as always

For the festivities

Set out,
And all about

As we travel, you,
And I,

Toward another year,
But, first,

Christmas is here,
And we’ll celebrate
No matter the weather,

You’re always there,
My friend,
On which I can rely

Even when
I’m not feeling
All that well,

And I sigh

In frustration, you
Come, and check
On me,

Nuzzling your head
Against my hand,

For the mood

To change from
Bad to good,

And what
do you know?

The mood shifts,
Because you are swift
In your ways,
Knowing just what’s

To change the tide

It’s always the same
With you and I,

Let’s just say it’s so,

You’re my companion
My hero, best friend
And champion

In response to the WDYS #62 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

#poetry, #animals, #companion, #dog, #life, #love, #poem, #poems, #wdys62