Photo by Ghana Shyam Khadka on Unsplash

Petals touch the earth, it’s such a dearth
Of our collective humanity. The mundane meets
The profane, in an elegant dance of universality.

Closed and subdued, waiting in the wings for
Just the right moment to spring forth and collect
Their special moment, looking at you, and
seeing right through.

Some open a little at a time, you walk past,
And notice, just every so slightly, their petals
Begin to give way to the universal force bearing
Their name, feeling inspiration, your claim.

Others open in a flurry, one day completely
Closed, then the next, rising to meet the
Golden sun, shining deep inside filtrating out
All the things that hide.

The point?

They all grow from the same earth, and
Have their own way to walk through this mirth.
Casting a special glow through all that pass by,
Waiting for that special moment to blossom forth.

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