Adjoining Hands

Photo by Piero Vitelli on Unsplash

I’ve been thinking
and reflecting
more upon childhood.
Those days, rich with innocence
and all that bliss.

Who’d a thunk
we’d be wandering and wondering
about those days
so much later,
as if time was encapsulated
in a tiny mirror, and we,
now looking back,
are trying to figure out
all that we missed.

During those days of
never ending joy, which
are quite often
With thoughts full of love,
which we can and do employ

as needed,
especially when it’s
just rightly seeded.

We reminisce.

And yet as we look into
that tiny mirror,
what we see is a mere reflection
of the love that’s
always been within.

Never wavering for a second,
that child’s love for the life lived,
is greater than any other
transient figure.

Love was there then,
is here now, and
will always be around.


When times are tough,
pull out that tiny mirror,
and gaze into
what you know is already there.

For they are still within you,
my dear friend,
and are simply awaiting
your adjoining hand.

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