Adjoining Hands

Photo by Piero Vitelli on Unsplash

I’ve been thinking
and reflecting
more upon childhood.
Those days, rich with innocence
and all that bliss.

Who’d a thunk
we’d be wandering and wondering
about those days
so much later,
as if time was encapsulated
in a tiny mirror, and we,
now looking back,
are trying to figure out
all that we missed.

During those days of
never ending joy, which
are quite often
With thoughts full of love,
which we can and do employ

as needed,
especially when it’s
just rightly seeded.

We reminisce.

And yet as we look into
that tiny mirror,
what we see is a mere reflection
of the love that’s
always been within.

Never wavering for a second,
that child’s love for the life lived,
is greater than any other
transient figure.

Love was there then,
is here now, and
will always be around.


When times are tough,
pull out that tiny mirror,
and gaze into
what you know is already there.

For they are still within you,
my dear friend,
and are simply awaiting
your adjoining hand.

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Photo by Heather Stewart on Unsplash

I sit here, and
About all the things
I miss(ed),

They played in
The yard, right there,
Oh, those times were so
Very hard, dear,

As we dreamt of
New possibilities,
While we held hands,

Unknown then
To us both, were all
The future liabilities

As we dangled our feet
Off the edge,
And listen with rapt
Attention, to their stead-
Fast resolve

And wonder, oh, they
So loved each other,
Brothers until they end,
And, of course,

Also the dearest of

And companions
Through every type
Of weather, stormy
Or clear, they always
Held each other dear

And close to heart,
Until they did depart
On that fateful day,

In the month of May

When we last sat
On the porch,
Dreaming of times
When life was simpler,

Though the love we felt
Was always the same
No need of a refrain,

Only the boldness
That comes with
The duo, of you and

And the two beautiful
Boys, making a

As we continue
To ponder
The love
We share(d)

As we sit hand-in-hand
And watch the two
Play, from the

Of the porch
You and I made.

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