our loving escape…

love lost and unadorned, yet remembered, and
stored, for it’s you, I’ve always adored…

like butterflies have wings, you always see me,
as I am, not another iteration of a dream

making my towards you, raising through the seas
of possibility, and tranquility, I look forlorn
at times

yet, know

you’re always there with a helpful hand, guiding me,
through ordeals trivial, and those most plentiful,
and mystical

remembering this, gives way to a love
deep within

like sap running through the veins of a tree,
my heart pumps love throughout my
beings entirety

holding it in place, creating a soft and textured space,
for our loving escape…

The opening line to this poem, and thus the entire poem, was inspired by a wonderful poem, titled November, by Simmi, of Rose-Colored Glasses? If you’ve not yet visited Simmi’s site, and read the poetry there, please do so, it is lovely.

Photo by Stergo, Pixabay

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