A Collective Magnitude

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

Fingers clutching,
gripping, and
at the pain,
tearing away, yet,
another piece of me
from the fray.

As they walk
along the edges
of my pain, I,
at times feel dismay, and
a growing sense of tame,
which was once only known
to me as shame.

I can taste the bitterness
of the pain endured,
and taught to me and you,
yet, for now, let us refrain.

We all learn to walk once,
and as age progresses, we
may learn to again
walk through
that door of obsessions.

A door once closed,
becomes a profound
sense of renewal,
just as a key lost
and now found,
opened the door

once more.

Heart fit the lock
just right, and
what came walking through,
sent me into
a love so cavernous,
it’s all one can do
to simply
become ravenous

Filling oneself
on life’s love,
jubilant and triumphant, and
all the while

humbled by gratitude
of a collective magnitude.

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