we wave goodbye

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

the tree sways
in the wind,
just as the life
we live comes to
bear on all our sins

past mistakes,
felt deep within,
often shunned,
in favor of a wide-
eyed grin

hiding the story
we’ve kept
bottled up,
and locked tight
from imaginings
of another day

we dig deep
into those fields
of amber,
and recollected
of all our patterns

excavating them
one at a time,
we relish each moment,
even though,
we are present
to the pain conveyed

radiating from
the center,
shuttering, and
quaking from all
our errors

splitting time
in two,
meets present
in a dance of
healing, and
a whole lot of feeling

we breathe
through the pain,
and realize
it’s just another day

one at a time,
we prepare
for a lullaby,
and to our
dismay, we

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