heart’s harmony

There are ways the earth feels

an extinction
and extension of self

boiled over
with the last of the snowflakes that

within bridges
made of surrender
and of love

a predesigned configuration

your heart’s harmony

like a star
from the sky above

Photo by AlanFrijns, Pixabay

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Petite Pen Poetry Prompt

Petite Pen is a fun and collaborative prompt that my dear friend, K Hartless posts approximately once a week. If you are interested in inspiring poetry prompts, I recommend checking out K’s website. Usually the Petite Pen prompts are posted on Tuesdays.

Here are a few poems that I’ve written in response to the Petite Pen prompts in the past several months.

I dream
of the space
in between you
and me

a serendipitous feeling

unseen majesty
of calm and quiet progress

we pay attention
and notice

I in wait
calming my spirit, and mind

seeds unadorned
spend time
securely in my heart


from callous hands
dripping with fever tense
and moist

with tears remorse

I look for you
in the notes, and sounds

honey, profound

a secret lullaby
washing over my mind

letting limbs of the dead
and old

come alive

with a misty hello
I remember

it is night

almost time to say

Jeff Flesch

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow

Co-Author, #1 Amazon Bestseller, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women

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