rose sky

roses fill the sky
with the fragrance of the tide

as petals sing to the moon
under the canopy of our afternoon


there’s always been a piece of me in you

a mirror or two
reflects back our love

while we climb the ladder of chaos

still embossed
with an evening of frost

as we set off
on a journey to reclaim our love lost

Photo by G4889166 , Pixabay

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the words, and love will come

the words just come
forward, flowing
through my heart, and
head, and
onto the page you’ve read

and, at other times,
it’s as if the page
you’ve read,
has never been said…

contemplations like these,
remind me
of the love we feel,
easy, coming, and going,
like the seasons,
as we continue running…

here, and then gone,
a whisper,
soft and kindled
with love and care,
we wonder
where they’ve always been, and

foundered, yes,
at times, still

try as we might,
forcing the issue
will only lead
to more isolation,
and eager anticipation…

when we can
reside in the heart,
and realize the words, and love,
will come in their time,
just like we’ve always
understood they would

we create
a new space,
filled with light,
and faith in growing,
because we’ve been showing

our heart

to the world, and
as we slow down,
and recognize this proof,
we become one

with our hearts inner truth

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

I often wonder,
what it is about

that causes
such a

from deep within.

There are times
when I’m smitten
with a grin,
as I

ponder and reflect
my life as a child.

about the thunder
that would rain down

when we least expected

And then?

hiding, and trying to find
a place to not be affected

by it.

And, as I write that last
stanza, it occurs to me,
the “it”
in compilation, is unseen

and hidden from view.

A mysterious, and, yes,
often ominous feeling,
even when the thunder
was not dealing it’s clatter.

Hiding under bed,
waiting, worrying, and
unofficially praying for a stead-
fast reprieve

form the hidden noise.

And, oh, what a joy!

When finally released
from the deluge
of noise,

which overwhelmed
my every sense
until, finally,


did return.

And, I could crawl
from underneath,

and, once again,
breathe in

salty air
from the rain,
which did just fall.

Oh, thunder, you
are oft criticized, and
yet, are a part of
Nature, so I

do surmise,

you are elegant
in your ways.

And, I do always
pray, for a return
of the rain.

So if you must
also return,
very well,

I will prepare
as needed,

see you thunder,
on the other
side of


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