wash away all the fears

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

the sky bleeds
each day,
itself in its journey,
which, yes,
is sometimes
frayed around
the edges, and is also
pure warmth
in its acceptance

a knowing
we hold
deep inside,
reminds us to

to the sky, in
times of worry,
knowing we shall
see all of ourselves
in the glory we behold
on an early morning

sun rising,
golden delight,
washing the daytime
woes away,
with a single brushstroke
of warmth,
and rays,

filling the volumes
of our souls
with an everlasting
energy, and healing presence,
especially when
we are
feeling sad, and
so diminished


when we
are quaking, and
in need of safety,
to look up, and
allow the light
to enter
your heart,

wash away
all the fears that
we continue to
hold dear

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