One Step

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

One step in front of the other,
Sometimes I ask myself why I bother,
Yet there is a knowing deep down, which
Always keeps me centered and growing.

Inside of this growing, there is pain, yes,
And, at times, even a timidness that shys
Away on certain days, and wants to away stray.

Yet, with the knowing, there is also a special
Place inside of me, and, yes, you, where something
Grander resides, and keeps us safe besides the pain
That may come our way, so keep stepping into the play.

One step is all you need to take. Once one
Is taken, you can feel the dirt beneath your feet
And realize your connectedness to a sharedness
That radiates through the earth, and each of us.

An interconnectedness that comes through
You and your entire being as you continue
To take one step toward your future seeing.

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