I call to the wind

in times of great distress, I call to the wind,
a friend, and constant companion when times are

less known than before, part of the paradoxical
nature of love and loss,

as part of a life lived

in its myriad fabrics and textures, feeling them with zeal,
I reel, and find a home in all
that’s real…

no hiding, now exposed, raw, vulnerable, and ready
to let go

of the pain, and sorrow, and simply sit in the magnificence
of love in all its shapes, and sizes,

I am at the Oregon coast this weekend, and it is beautiful. The above pic and poem were inspired by my time here, which I always treasure. Growing up by the ocean was a gift, and now living relatively close to the ocean once again fills my heart. Wishing you all a beautifully blessed Sunday, and coming week.

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