the words, and love will come

the words just come
forward, flowing
through my heart, and
head, and
onto the page you’ve read

and, at other times,
it’s as if the page
you’ve read,
has never been said…

contemplations like these,
remind me
of the love we feel,
easy, coming, and going,
like the seasons,
as we continue running…

here, and then gone,
a whisper,
soft and kindled
with love and care,
we wonder
where they’ve always been, and

foundered, yes,
at times, still

try as we might,
forcing the issue
will only lead
to more isolation,
and eager anticipation…

when we can
reside in the heart,
and realize the words, and love,
will come in their time,
just like we’ve always
understood they would

we create
a new space,
filled with light,
and faith in growing,
because we’ve been showing

our heart

to the world, and
as we slow down,
and recognize this proof,
we become one

with our hearts inner truth

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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with a love, so freeing

come and go,
it’s these
we’ve been bestowed

upon a sea

of tranquility,
at times, yes,
past our ability
to understand completely

and, yet,
when quiet, and

we can learn more
from the seas ability

to transcend
our individuality,
into a one commonality

uniting us,
like the flowers,
trees, and the streams,

we dream

of this togetherness,
within our hearts
held tight, as the light
goes out from this planets beings

and, for you and me,
we then see…

possibilities expand
as we let go of our
preconceived notions
of what we think
love should be,
and stay open
to new realities of being,
with a love, so freeing…

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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oh, how deeply I love her…

we traipse this land,
passing by trees, and foliage
as we glide,
together, one step
in front of the other…

we hold
within our hearts
a special place
for our mother, and

look up
with adoration,
a sense of satisfaction,
and the most gentle elation

as the light

cascades softly
off the trees,
through the glade,
and in front of me, and

I see,
and feel free…

as the warmth
caresses my being
in its entirety, I say
a silent prayer, and

give thanks
on this day,
for this moment
of time alone with my mother

oh, how deeply I love her…

In response to the WDYS #100 prompt from Keep it Alive, by Sadje.

Image credit; James Wheeler @ Unsplash

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sit secure in your heart

along the cliff,
I feel somewhat adrift,
floating in a sea
of unknown possibility

I look
for guidance, and
notice the resistance
from within, yes kin,
and known well to me, my friend

also there
is the utmost care, and
feeling of creativity,
within my own reachability

I can feel it
through every
fiber of my being,
calling me forward,
as I continue to struggle
with the movement onward…

the mind dances, and creates
like a mirror on a lake,
images come into view,
and, we, at times,
take them at face value

yet, there’s another way

to determine
all that’s in store,
by continuing to
pull apart the minds
creations, as they dance
along, and soar,
so seemingly secure…

is at the center
of this understanding

remember, therefore,


as we watch
the mind create waves,
and they crash along our shore

to sit
secure in your heart,
and know,
that the center
is always there, now,
and forevermore

Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash

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