another story all its own

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my feet
feel the grass
beneath me,
and inside, I
smile secretly,
and think
about the next scene

joined forever, like
two lovers,
first met, when
they were young
enough to remember,
the next phase instead

of a memory

of something else,
harkening back
not so gently,
to the first time
you came into view,
and I fled

your embrace,
altogether longing,
yet, I just kept running,
thinking too much,
feeling not enough, and
making way on my own

shrill and stuffed

from the voluminous
that filled my mind,
and are impossible,
at times,
to deny,
to rewind,
nor find

lost, and

as it may seem
on my inner-screen,
I get up again,
let the tears come
as they may, pray,
and ask for
forgiveness each day

life is lived
inside of
you and me,
and when
we need to scream,
it’s all okay, as

the feelings come
we want
them to or not,
and, in fact,
only makes them
until we’re grown

through them

is another
all its own,
filled with hope
and, the glory shown

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their own gift to shed

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

something always
draws me
to the page,
sort of like
a moth to a flame

tiny flickering
of insight,
ignites within,
and we’re off
on a whim

Sunset Bird
on my headset,
least I forget
the inspiration
that lives on…

in this
beautiful worlds

of blessings

we can see
when we
stay present,

in the reality
we know
is there, even if,
and when,
we are

it’s lovely
to contemplate
our existence
on this
planet spinning
through space

we go, where
will we stop,
nobody truly knows,


is a knowing,
for you and I,
if we
silently abide

which we feel
on the
loneliest of nights

to the bone,
with no hand
to hold
but our own

and, even
my dear friends,

you are
not alone,
in this galaxy
far from

as the human
we share
is anything
but commonplace

their own gift
to shed,
and when
exposed to the light,
it is truly
beyond compare,
and, oh, so bright

there, there,

on those
lonely nights,
we all have them,
fear, and fright,


truly astounding,
is the feeling
I get when I’m
connected within,
and, to
all my friends,

and, yes,

that’s you
reading this
you’re off to bed

a lullaby
for you instead

sleep well,
dear ones,
and never forget,
time is always there,
and we are
never, ever,
second best,
only ever truly blessed

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our Motherly homestead

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

wind caresses
my soul, like a
tapestry, impossible
to hold

I let the sounds,
my inner-dialogue,

and, focus

on the beauty
in front of me,
of a thousand

human misery, and

with skies,
so red

and, yes,

to the eye, when
we don’t

hard enough,

to take care of
the planets


so softly to us
since the
was made, and
we laid down for
our first
song-related fable

which, leaves me

current thread,

so ask,

may we now

the disrespect,
and, instead

and disregard abject,
in favor of love-
born respect
for our Motherly

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Servant Leadership: A Diamond in Theory and Practice

It occurred to me recently that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on leadership; and, considering I spend a large portion of my week, nay, my life, conducting leadership activities, conversations, and collaborations, it seemed like just the time to create a new conversation.

In lieu of a diary entry this week, I’m going back to a previous post about servant leadership, and picking up from there, with new eyes, as it were. Meaning, it’s been almost a year since the last post on servant leadership, and I’ve learned a lot about, well, everything in the last year. Update needed.

Ready? Good. Here we go.

What is servant leadership? Good question. Here is the definition.

“The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first, perhaps because of the need to assuage an unusual power drive or to acquire material possessions…The leader-first and the servant-first are two extreme types. Between them there are shadings and blends that are part of the infinite variety of human nature.” 

Robert E Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

I like to think about servant leadership as a leadership style that upends traditional notions of what leadership looks, sounds, and feels like. It is, thus, quite different. It is also harder.

Harder because servant leadership incorporates subtle elements of leadership. For instance, the emotional well-being of the self, and each person in the organization, business, and or team are of utmost importance. These more subtle elements of leadership are not always captured in other, more traditional leadership styles.

In order to fully grasp the distinction between traditional leadership, and servant leadership, let’s first take a quick look at organizational hierarchies.

Organizational Hierarchies

In traditional conversations and discussions about servant leadership, it is common to see, read, and hear about the concept of flipping the traditional leadership hierarchy.

Traditional Leadership Hierarchy

Distribution Property Solutions, Inc.

Servant Leadership Hierarchy

Distribution Property Solutions, Inc.

The concept of the inverted triangle, seen above, is common, and while I agree with this concept, in practice, servant leadership actually plays out a little differently.

It plays out in practice differently, because the flow of information happens between everyone all the time, and does not occur in a one-way directionality, as the above example illustrates.

Let’s take a look at what I am pointing to here.

Servant Leadership and Traditional Leadership

In my previous article on servant leadership, I elaborated on the distinction between a traditional approach to leadership, and a servant leadership approach to leadership.

Simply, in many traditional leadership theories, the leader is charged with distilling information, sending it out, and then holding people accountable.

In servant leadership, however, there is a dynamic context created through leadership of the self, of which all members of the team are responsible, creating a synergy of relationships and communication.

And, yet, even in the inverted servant leadership triangle, we see that the flow of information is distinguished with arrows, which still have a one-way directionality. As we will see in the next section, this concept is inadequate to fully describe how servant leadership is practiced.

Servant Leadership in Practice: A Diamond in Theory and Practice

In a context where servant leadership is practiced, information and communication is free flowing, collaborative, authentic, vulnerable, safe, and accountable. All of these things are true.

Information and Communication

Information does not flow from the top alone, as in a traditional leadership hierarchical model, nor does it only flow from the bottom, as in a servant leadership hierarchical model. 

Rather, information and communication flow all throughout the organization, business, and or team, in such a way that at all times, each person is leading their portions of work, and is in continual communication about their progress and barriers.

It is then up to the CEO or Director to ensure that the flow of information and communication is continually moving throughout the entire organization, business, and or team.

Here is a simple diagram of how I see and experience servant leadership actually being practiced.

As you can see from the three-dimensional pyramid diagram, both traditional leadership and servant leadership hierarchies are disrupted, and replaced by a nonhierarchical model.

The implementation of a nonhierarchical model ensures that each person in the organization, business, and or on the team has a voice in all matters, including the vision, mission, values, and the future direction of the organization, business, and or team.

Though the servant leadership diamond diagram is not inclusive of all of the possible communication flows, many are outlined, which gives us the basis of the conceptual framework.

The servant leadership diamond diagram, and associated conceptual framework are also practical. Meaning, it is entirely possible to implement the servant leadership diamond conceptual framework into any organization, business, and or team.

In fact, it has been done, and is done every day by the team I work on and with; and, though harder at times, it is a beautiful experience.

In the next post on the Servant Leadership Diamond Framework, we will explore several concepts that leaders will need to understand to create the appropriate context for the successful implementation of a leadership framework that disrupts all hierarchies in favor of a nonhierarchical model; creating more voice and empowerment for everyone in the organization, business, and or team.

Have a wonderfully beautiful week, everyone.

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